eBay Real Estate Auctions

No Auction Fees to Buyers

eBay logoeBay real estate auctions are 100% free to buyers. Some real estate auction sites charge fees to register or bid. Some charge buyers as much as a 10% “buyer’s premium” on top of the winning bid. With eBay real estate auctions, buyers pay no fees to register, bid, or win.

Registration Is Free and Easy

If you have an eBay account, you’re already registered. If, not registration is free and easy.


eBay real estate auctions are similar to other eBay auctions, with one major difference: the closing happens outside of eBay. In Florida, the closing could be done at the deed office, at title a company, or with an attorney. The eBay real estate policy explains this further.

Winning bidders who do not close are flagged by eBay.

Get eBay Notifications

With eBay auctions, you can subscribe to notifications of an auction you are bidding on. We suggest you get them once a day until the last day of the auction. On the last day or so, increase your notifications if you’re still interested in the auction or stop them altogether if you aren’t.

Set up Automatic Bidding

With eBay auctions, you can set up automatic bidding. eBay will automatically increase your bids, up to the maximum amount you set. Your winning bid will be just enough to win, but no more.

We strongly recommend you set automatic bidding and use it right away. Then, if somebody overbids your maximum, you can just walk away and focus your attention elsewhere, without following every bid until the end of the auction.

We Keep Your Identity Private

With some eBay auctions, when you make a bid your identity is public. Our auction listings are set to private, so your identity is known only to us, but not the public.